Meagher Racing Singapore New Look Website

Nov 17, 2017

Dan Meagher Racing is pleased to announce that we have launched a new interactive website which will keep you up to date on all of our latest results, news, and views!

We would like to encourage our clients, friends of the stable and the general public to please reach out to us regarding any additional news or any other information we can provide you.

Dan is proud that the new look website is up and running and had the following thoughts, " I love the look of the new website. I must thank my wife Sabrina for her hard work and efforts in getting this done. She has done an amazing job. She put in all of the hours and the results are showing.

SECRET WIN AHEAD OF THE GOLD CUP - New media available to everyone

"In today's racing environment, it is a must to have a website and all of us at Meagher Racing Singapore felt it was time to showcase our horses and results, as well as, keeping our owners, the general public, and our followers, both locally and internationally, informed and up to date with regards to everything happening at Meagher Racing.

"I will also be doing a blog post (minimum one per month) with my views on racing in Singapore, Sales, and anything else that catches my eye and deserves a mention.

"We also have the following social media accounts, which I encourage everyone to follow Twitter: @meagherracingsg and our facebook page:

"We also have some exciting new projects we are launching, in terms of new ownership models and race day experiences, so please stay tuned to the website and our social media platforms for the information on these exciting new opportunities.

"I feel everything is in place now. I have a great team at the stables, fantastic owners who support me and an admin and Social media team to compliment it all. 2017 has been a good year, but we are really excited at what 2018 holds for all of us at Meagher Racing Singapore."