Meagher Racing

Jul 27, 2017

There have been some exciting developments at Meagher Racing, so we felt it appropriate to advise you of these directly, rather than you hearing of them via the grapevine.

A few months ago the Singapore Turf Club were in discussions with Dan about applying for a trainers’ license. After careful consideration Dan applied.

However, due to the relationship that was built in the 10 years we were in Singapore, the Club has advised that they have granted Dan a license and have allocated him boxes beginning April 2016.

This is a terrific opportunity for Dan, as he will be youngest person to be granted a Trainers License in Singapore. Also it will be a great way to expand the Meagher Racing banner and is a reward for all the hard work that has been put into the Brisbane stable by everyone and the success we have had, especially this season.

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